Messaging Gateway

The Messaging Gateway (or SMS Gateway) is part of the Service Delivery Platform, and manages communication between the mobile operator and service subscribers. The system enables continuous monitoring and real-time connectivity alerts.


System Features

  • Send and receive concatenated messages (very long messages are auto-split into smaller messages)
  • MSISDN tracing (i.e., the user's telephone number) and testing of MO/MT (the messages sent and received by subscribers)
  • Configure the SMS Gateway to deliver messages using direct and indirect interface with the recipient's operator for optimum delivery time, reliability and cost across different types of protocols such as SMPP and HTTP
  • Open a large number of concurrent (simultaneous) sessions
  • The Messaging Gateway also supports a couple of SMPP protocol versions (3.3 and 3.4)
  • Scheduled sending for organised delivery
  • The Gateway supports flash, SMS and WAP Push.