Competition Factory

Want to run SMS competitions? From small giveaways to mega competitions, Competition Factory helps you manage and organise your promotional activity from one location. Competition Factory is part of the Service Delivery Platform, an access-anywhere web tool.


Using the Factory, you can broadcast daily questions (two-choice answers) and teasers to subscribers, receive SMS answers, manage requests (e.g., for help) and automatically filter correct and incorrect answers.


Question types supported:

  • Follow Up: the standard question type, and the most used.

(Subscriber receives a question>Sends a response>the Factory automatically sends the next question)

  • Broadcast: Usually scheduled as the first in a series of questions, a broadcast message can include a promotional or introductory message, and is manually sent.
  • Golden: Increase the points assigned to correct answers for 'golden' questions
  • Promotion: A promotional message sent to increase engagement in the competition, and which can be sent to a particular group of subscribers.


 System Features:

  • Add, delete and edit questions
  • Broadcast teasers and promotional material
  • Automatically draw the winning answer
  • Get statistical reports on hits across categories, competitions etc.


Competition Factory Users: